Bedford Regional Foot & Ankle Care Medical Services

At Bedford Regional Foot & Ankle Care we are proud to offer the following services to
aid in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions:

In-office x-rays:

Often, we are in the office before and after our regular hours, so if you have an injury that is not life threatening, please call our office to schedule an appointment as a more convenient alternative to visiting the nearest emergency room.

Non-invasive testing for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD):

This non-invasive test helps to identify arterial disease and provides data to determine the appropriate course of treatment, whether that be medical or surgical intervention. The data obtained in the office is electronically submitted to a local vascular surgeon for interpretation and a customized plan of care is developed with these results.


Dr. Doyle is a certified surgeon for this minimally-invasive titanium implant that realigns and stabilizes feet that are misaligned/over-pronate. For more information and to see if you are a candidate, please click here.

Hammertoe Implants

The latest generation of hammertoe implants have greatly improved the predictability and reproducibility of the results for the correction of painful hammertoes. Dr. Doyle will discuss which option is right for your unique condition, including the Nextra Hammertoe Correction System and the HammerFix IP Fusion System.


We dispense Redi-Thotics pre-fabricated orthotics, which come in a variety of shell shapes and sizes to accommodate almost all foot types. Should you require a custom orthotic, your feet can be casted in the office or a prescription can be dispensed for one of our local orthotics and prosthetics facilities, and a device will be individually crafted for your specific needs.

Bako Pathology Services

Dr. Doyle has selected the expertise of the board-certified dermatopathologists from Bako Pathology for all the biopsy specimens sent from the office. They specialize in skin disorders of the lower extremities and this insures the proper diagnosis of suspicious lesions of the feet and lower legs so that the proper treatment can be initiated.

Compression Stockings

In podiatry, vein and foot health often go hand-in-hand, so to speak. Today’s array of options when it comes to compression stockings can help relieve the occurrence of pain and guard against the further progression of venous disorders in the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Dr. Doyle will be able to recommend the right kind of stockings for your health needs.

Home Nursing

At times, patients may find it medically necessary to receive assistance at home to help manage proper foot care. When your recovery requires a nurse to see to your wellness, our office can arrange for the home nursing company of your choice to visit and help care for various issues with your foot and ankle. Let us work with you to plan for your full recovery by connecting you with a home nurse when you need one most.


Our staff can help coordinate your visit with a lymphedema clinic and provide prescriptions for in-home lymphedema therapy. Find out more about how you can find relief for the swelling, pain, and discomfort of lymphedema by arranging for convenient home therapy.